today is Jun 07, 2023

Welcome to US Rugby News!

We are huge fans of the sport of Rugby (Union, of course), and our goal is to find and share with you all the news relating to important rugby things happening in the United States. Please keep following us as we grow.

We are starting with a focus on USA national team rugby, and also with a huge focus on tracking Major League Rugby (season ending in June 2022, sadly we will have to wait until next year to pick up again). If we have the ability at some point we hope to start covering other levels of rugby as well.

We don't claim to be the owners of the visual assets you may see as part of the news posts, such as player/team/game pictures, team logos, etc. All rights belong to the original owners, and we'll do our best to credit their source. 

If you would like to get in touch with us on the editorial team, please use the contact page.

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Michael Wingfield
Senior Editor